1 In 4 People Suffers From This Bad Breath Condition- Here’s How To Stop It!


We all have had that morning whiff of our own damned breath. It is the only scent that is capable of killing the sleepy self. Imagine the same smell following you around day and night and haunting your social life too.

It happens to many of us, I am talking 25% of people on Earth, to be precise. One in every four of us is a victim of these tonsil stones. Most important of all, this condition is not harmful and can be completely avoided very easily only if we know as much as how it is caused.

1 Tonsil Stone, little white speck on the right wall of throat

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Tonsil Stones have nothing to do with tonsils, only that they develop and hide behind them. They are the accumulated mass of Sulfur producing bacteria and debris. The pocket-like cavity behind the tonsils provides safe house for them to develop.

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