10 People Who Are Having A Worse Monday Than You


Some days, it is almost impossible to get up and start moving. The day which tops the list is none other than ‘Monday’. I have always wondered why do Mondays come after the weekend. You know it is extremely difficult to get up after you have enjoyed a peaceful restful weekend filling your internal systems with nothing other than alcohol. One definitely needs a day after the weekend to give rest to his or her hungover system, but no, nobody is going to make life easier for us!

But look at the bright side of the story, at least, Mondays happen only once a week!

And if you are still feeling bad about your worst Monday morning hibbi-jibbies, have a look at these people who probably should have stayed in bed this morning!

1. He might just leave his job as a lifeguard after this!

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This is definitely going to make sure that at least she drowns peacefully.

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