10 Sure Symptoms Of Kidney Stones


Kidney stones get lodged in the urinary tract resulting in severe pain. Sometimes you end up neglecting the unknown warnings that you are suffering from kidney stones. Some common signs of kidney stones include pain during micturition, nausea, fever, pain in the lower abdomen, changes in color of urine, frequent urination, urinating in small amounts and bad smelling urine.

Though there is amazing natural treatment available to prevent the kidney stones such as parsley drink which cleanses your kidney instantly, it is better to detect the kidney disorders in the initial stages. The signs of smaller kidney stones mostly go unnoticed which make them take the exaggerating form. Check out these 10 symptoms to confirm that you’ve got kidney stones.

1) Lack of Calcium in the Body

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While kidney stones are made up of calcium, people taking a low-calcium diet are more prone to kidney stones than those consuming more calcium. It's because calcium binds to chemicals called oxalates thereby preventing them from entering in the urinary tract and forming stones.

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