12 Pictures That Show The Amazing Power Of Makeup


With all the beauty videos and articles circling the internet, I am sure by now that we are all familiar with the power of makeup. You can literally make yourself look like a completely different person with the right tools and products. Lots of people embrace the power of makeup, but there are others who shame women who wear it. Some people feel the need to shame people for smothering their faces with makeup, saying that they are trying to “make up” for a lack of confidence. These same people might also say that girls who wear a lot of makeup are trying to cover up every last imperfection and hide their flaws because they don’t have the strength to embrace who they really are. Choosing to wear makeup — or deciding not to wear it — is a personal choice. Lots of women just love the art of putting on makeup (hence the term “makeupartist“). Their faces are like blank canvases just waiting to be painted. The best part is that at the end of the day, they get to take their makeup off and do it all again tomorrow!

If you want to embrace the power of makeup — embrace it! If you love to get all dolled up because it makes you feel good — do it! It is not a crime to do your makeup, and it is certainly not a crime to accentuate your already-beautiful attributes. If you have beautiful green eyes, what is the harm in making them pop with a little purple eyeshadow? Nothing!

Here are 12 already-beautiful ladies embracing the power of makeup!

1. Brown eyed girl

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