13 Cars That Are Ready For The Post-Election Hellscape


If you believe enough of the over-the-top rhetoric being spewed by pundits and candidates alike, we’re already in the end times and the election is the final straw that will finally send civilization spiraling into the abyss. Never mind how many times we’ve heard it before, the next one is always the big one, right? Vote for the wrong candidate and we’ll be forced into enclaves that wander the wastes, scavenging and bartering Mad Max–style, right?

Well, when the world loses its mind and our institutions break down and leave us all to settle our differences in Thunderdomes, we’ll still need to get around. And some folks have been preparing for this event for some reason. Their cars are already on the roads. Keep an eye out, you might be seeing a vision the future!

1. What could be more appropriate than using a former police interceptor

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