15 Best Food Items That Improve Your Sexual Endurance


In today’s lifestyle of stress, work and substance abuse, there is very little left that you can do for your body. Due to all the work load, not eating right, tobacco and alcohol, the one thing that suffers is our $exual health. We’ve probably heard the term erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for males but can females also suffer from menstrual disturbance. 

Yes, they can. Due to a harmful lifestyle, both the genders can be equally affected. So what can be done? What right foods should be eaten in order to improve our performance in bed?

1. Bananas

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They are excellent for $exual health due to the presence of vitamin B. They also contain amino acids like tryptophan which released good cholesterol and happy hormones into the body creating a feeling of well-being. Bananas are high in potassium which is used for improving the production of $ex-hormones, improving blood circulation and enhance our $ex-drive.

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