15 People Who Think Just A Little Bit Differently


Anyone who lives in a city is well aware that on a daily basis, you are exposed to some of the strangest humans. Case in point, the other day I was walking to work and a homeless man dressed in a tiger onesie (it was 80 degrees outside) was pushing a shopping cart full of his “valuables” down the street. Everything about him looked dirty, but the onesie was clean. Like, brand new. It bothered me for the rest of the day.

“Where’d he get the onesie? Did he steal it? Was he naked underneath? Now I’m picturing an old naked homeless man in a tiger onesie…this is gross.”

There was nothing unusual about him except for the fact that he was dressed in a tiger onesie. Weird, right? Just different enough that I paid attention. Well, the people in this article are keeping things justdifferent enough that it was worth taking a picture of but not different enough that we’d actually ask them why.

It’ll make sense shortly…just scroll down.

1. I mean...it works.

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