15 Reasons To Give Middle Child Syndrome The Middle Finger


There are a lot of rumors going around that middle children have it pretty rough.

OK, some of those rumors are actually based on scientific evidence… but I think that the world has been looking at middle children all wrong.

As a middle child myself, I don’t think I’m the forgotten child—I’m the independent one.

You think I try and attract attention because I’m lonely? Nope, I’m just super creative and clearly the person everyone wants to party with. Admit it. I’m on your speed dial.

And I’m convinced I’m not alone.

Here are the talents that every middle child has, and that prove middle children will always and forever be kings among siblings.

1. The skilled negotiator

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Middle children are pretty used to not getting their own way. Instead, they use their skills of manipulation and negotiation to get what they want, according to Psychology Today. This could explain why 52 per cent of American Presidents were middle children, including Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt, says Katrin Schumann, author of The Secret Power of Middle Children.

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