16 Snow Sculptures That Will Put Your Snowman To Shame


You know the routine, pack and roll, pack and roll, stick a carrot on the face and you’re done. You have a globe of snow that slightly resembles human form, if a human stored all their weight in the midsection and had weird spindle arms (not unheard of).

Let’s not forget that half your lawn also gets rolled up into those snow balls, so that you’re left with unsightly brown skid marks all over your yard.

But what about when someone gets it right and creates a snow-masterpiece so perfect that you actually hope the warm weather doesn’t come too soon? These snow sculptures surpass the everyday snowman, and the coolest thing is that most of them were made in people’s yards!

1. It doesn't get any cooler than a Batman snow sculpture

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What does a landscape gardener do when it snows? Makes giant sculptures of the Caped Crusader, apparently.

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