16 Times The Roles Were Reversed


When I was in university, I picked up a hosting job at the campus bar. Each year, staff participated in mandatory workplace sensitivity training where they taught us to ask ourselves how we’d feel if the roles were reversed because, as it was put by the person giving the seminar, at any given point they very well could be. I always thought this was just some BS they fed us to make us feel bad about giving drunk chicks the boot, but if there’s one thing life after uni taught me it’s that you never know how bad something sucks until you’re on the losing end of it.

Profound, yes, but also true. The world outside the bubble that is paid tuition, low accountability, and high entitlement is a cruel place. On graduation day, you’re at the top and a week later you’re fetching coffee for tyrant dressed in a pinstripe suit. If only he was given the same sensitivity training.

1. How do you like them apples

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