16 Wrong Number Texts These Strangers Will Never Forget


Who remembers what the ring of an honest to God home phone sounds like? Anyone know what it’s like to dial on an actual keypad rather than a touch screen? Technology has progressed so rapidly that just a few years ago, Razors were all the rage and iPhones were only for the snooty rich kids…well, I guess that last part hasn’t changed too much.
But we’ve gotten pretty lucky now that anyone and everyone has a cell phone, so there are no more embarrassing phone calls to your crush that first have to go through their mom and dad. However, there are still plenty of mishaps, and the dreaded “new phone, who dis?” questions know no signs of ending.
Here are just a few of the many cringe-worthy text messages that clearly didn’t go to their intended target. Hopefully everyone at least got a laugh out of it.

1. Flashbacks to '90s boy bands

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