5 Things That Happen At The Redneck Olympics


The world contains such a diverse range of people. In America, we’re practically a giant pot of culture. We have people from all over the world that speak different languages and have different beliefs. It truly is a wonderful thing to behold because there aren’t many other places with as many kinds of people as we have here. Better yet, we have one group of people that’s pretty specific to America, though they’re mostly southerners. If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m talking about rednecks. They’re basically all trained by MacGuyver himself, becoming the craftiest people and creating things in seemingly impossible or odd ways, though they still do it! Well, doing what they do best, they decided to mimic the Olympics and hold their own games.

1 The Redneck Games were created in 1996 as a tribute to the Atlanta Summer Olympics.

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