9 Awesome Exercises That Can Give You Super Hot Legs In A Blink Of An Eye!


The thigh or butt region is known as the most stubborn portion of the body and fat occupies in those regions pretty fast. And this region tends to become the hurdle in the lives of fitness aspirants. However, one needs to understand that spending a lot of time and killing yourself at the gym won’t give you the results. In fact, you should target thigh muscles specifically during the exercise routine. Hence spending 12 minutes on doing these exercises will actually sculpt your thigh and butt region and will help you in smoldering thigh fat.

So get ready to start with this 12-minute workout to sculpt your thighs in a way that you have always wanted. The video below reflects ‘how-to’ of each and every exercise. Perform each of the exercises for 30 seconds.

1 Plie Squats

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May be squats don't come out to be the favourite exercise but surely they help in strengthening and toning your thigh and lower portion of the body. The way is demonstrated in the video below.

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