Brand New Pics Prove Macaulay Culkin Is Once Again Adorable


There seems to be a common narrative in the world of child acting. An adorable little kid BURSTS into Hollywood, gets cast in huge roles, wins awards then seemingly vanishes off the face of the earth. When we do hear about them, we’re saddened to learn that they’ve fallen in with a bad crowd, got hooked on booze and drugs or are simply losing their mind. However, sometimes these tragic stories can be reversed. Remember Macaulay Culkin? He was the adorable smart ass from the Home Alone films who, as the story so often goes, vanished from the world of film as he grew older. Well guess what? He’s back, and he doesn’t look nearly as bad as he has in recent years. You seriously won’t believe it…

1.Macaulay Culkin burst into the movie scene when he was cast in Uncle Buck.

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