You Have Been Gymming So Dirty Your Entire Life And You Have No Clue


Have you ever touched the toilet seat and then wiped off sweat from your face? Absolutely No. But you are doing something way worse than this.

Being health conscious people, you all hit towards the gym and no doubt you are getting in shape too. But have you ever given a thought to the hygiene level in the gym, the pieces of equipment you touch are clean or not? I guess many of you have not even thought that the gym equipments that you touch every day are much grosser than the daily items you come in contact with.

Recently Fitrated, Fitness Equipment Review Company analysed and conducted the study to determine what percent of germs do the gym equipments carry and the results are not so pleasant. I would simply say –’Yuck’.

Well, as for now you have got a good excuse to not go to the gym and miss it, you can enjoy reading this article and start maintaining your hygiene. Read now and thank me later.

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