Horrible Incident Melted This Girl’s Face To Her Body… This Is How She Looks Now!


It is very hard to imagine life after a horrible accident. Though minor incidents won’t have a huge impact on your life but yes the major ones can eventually transform the way we live. What so ever be the reason this one single transformation is enough to change your perspective towards life and even can demotivate you to live a life ahead.

Same happened with a girl; just a single incident changed her life. The incident left her with the melted skin of the whole body but later a miracle surgery covered her burningscompletely.

1 She's Zubaida Hasan

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Meet Zubaida Hasan. She was only 9 years old when she met with a horrific accident. She fell holding a kerosene lamp, as a result, her upper body caught fire followed by melting off her face and body.


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