PE Trainer Loses 150 Pounds In 9 Months And Her Transformation Will Leave You Speechless


A PE trainer unveiled her unhealthy habits and the ways she used to lose all her weight, and it was a surprise to us that she lost 55 kg of her weight within a period of nine months after meeting the love of her life.

She was just like us, used to take an energy bar in breakfast with a drink and used to have a lot of junk food in the daytime. Her days never used to end without having dinner two times at night. How did she lose weight? 

When Kate met Nick Jones, who is her boo, she weighed 80 kg and was quite chubby. But, her weight was never a trouble for Nick. The duo shared a lot of love for food and a lot of fondness for eating all things unhealthy. But, this turned Kate into a 120 kg woman, taking up the size 20. She said she ballooned.  

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