She Puts A Cotton Ball Under Her Feet At Night And When She Wakes Up… Amazing!


Dry and cracked feet may be caused due to lack of moisture, dryness, improper diet, uneven floors, prolonged standing and wearing high heels. Though wearing high heels is considered as fashion statement nowadays but there are certain ill-effects which occur in the body when a regular heel user quit wearing it.

Dry skin may develop yellow or brown thick lump which might further cause soreness, irritation, swelling and flaking of skin. The numerous ointments available in the market are not very effective. So, check out this DIY home remedy for treating your dry and rough feet within a quick span of time. 

2 Dry skin can also harbor several skin disorders.

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There are some severe diseases such as eczema, corns, diabetes and thyroid disorder which are caused due to dry and broken feet.

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