Remember These Two Sprouse Twins From ‘Friends’? This Is How They Look Now!


Many child actors who get labelled as cute little kids of the family may have a hard time growing old. Few of the former child stars have chosen the wrong path towards that went downhill. This comes as a shock to most of their fans. But only a few make bad decisions not all of them.

Hence, the cute little twin boys from Big Daddy and Friends, Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse are among those child actors that have been growing up lately and I bet, you won’t simply be able to recognise them

1 Dylan and Cole started when they were 8 months old

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Dylan and Cole's parents followed the suggestion of their grandmother and placed the two boys into acting zone when they were very young. The duo shared the role of Patrick Kelly on ABC's Grace Under Fire. And it continued when till the boys turned 6 years old.

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